AHA HeartCode BLS - Online

2 Year Certification


Recommended for:  MDs, RNs, EMTs, Dentists, and Medical Personnel with Busy Schedules

The BLS Online CPR Class Covers:

    • Adult, Child, and Infant CPR
    • Conscious and Unconscious Choking for victims of all ages
    • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use and special considerations
    • Breathing Barriers, Bag Valve Masks, and 2 Rescuer CPR
    • Cardiopulminary Emergencies and Special Resuscitation Situations

This Class Has 3 Parts:

Part 1 -   A self-paced series of online training modules (30 minutes - 2 hours in length)
Part 2 -  Skills practice at our facility
Part 3 -  Skills test at our facility

Benefits of Online Training:

    • Online modules can be completed around your busy schedule
    • Skills check is quick and easy
    • No textbook is required (reduces cost)
    • You will receive your American Heart Association BLS card the same day as your skills check.

Heart Start CPR Online Course Policy:

    • NO REFUNDS on Online Courses
    • Exchanges from an online course to a physical in-class course is only allowed if the keycode has not been sent to the student
    • For Technical Support, contact AHA @ (888) 242-8883 or help@onlineaha.org

Please Note: Students are allowed up to 60 days after the completion of the online part of the course to complete the skills session. 

Discount codes are not valid on online courses.