Lay Rescuer CPR/AED & First-Aid

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Recommended for Teachers, Fitness Trainers, Corporate Workers, Restaurant Employees, Coaches, Parents, and anyone who wants to learn how to do CPR and give First-Aid.

CPR, AED and First-Aid courses are intended for individuals who have a duty to respond to a cardiac emergency because of job responsibilities or regulatory requirements.

    • CPR and First Aid Classes for anyone without a healthcare background
    • Healthcare Providers should take BLS
    • Classroom options and online with in-office skills testing options are available

The Lay Rescuer CPR AED course covers adult, child, and infant CPR and use of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Included in the course is relief of choking.

Basic First Aid provides first responders with training in basic first aid procedures—including the first aid skills recommended by OSHA. The course covers first aid basics, medical emergencies, injury emergencies, and environmental emergencies.

The Lay Rescuer First Aid CPR AED course combines all of the information provided in both the CPR AED and First Aid classes into one class.

This course is for non-healthcare professionals. Anyone who will be working in any healthcare related area, including nursing students, EMTs, or any hospital staff, please register for BLS for Healthcare Providers.

If you do not see a Lay Rescuer CPR/AED class at a time convenient for you, anyone may sign up for the BLS for Healthcare Providers Course. BLS covers all of the CPR/AED information with a couple of additional components.  It does not cover First Aid.